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Thank you for visiting our website! At Fysioterapi & Fitness Østerbro, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare services and fitness solutions to our patients. With a team of experienced physiotherapists, chiropractor, and trainers, we are here to help you improve your health and well-being. Whether you are recovering from an injury, seeking relief from pain, or simply looking to enhance your fitness level, we have the expertise and resources to support your goals.

About Fysioterapi & Fitness

At Fysioterapi & Fitness at Copenhagen Ø, we take pride in offering a wide range of services that cater to the diverse needs of our patients. Our services include physiotherapy, chiropractic care, fitness training, group classes, massage therapy, and more. With locations in Østerbro, close Nørrebro in Copenhagen, we are conveniently accessible to individuals residing in these areas.

Our Team

With a team of experienced and highly skilled physiotherapists, chiropractors, trainers, and support staff, we are committed to providing you with the best possible care. Our team members are dedicated professionals who stay up to date with the latest advancements in their respective fields, ensuring that you receive evidence-based treatments and services.

Our Services

At Fysioterapi & Fitness Østerbro, we offer a comprehensive range of services to address various health concerns and fitness goals. Some of our key services include:

Physiotherapy: Our physiotherapists are trained to assess, diagnose, and treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, helping you regain function, reduce pain, and improve your overall quality of life.

Chiropractic Care: Our skilled chiropractor use hands-on techniques to manipulate the spine and other joints, providing relief from pain, improving mobility, and enhancing nervous system function.

Fitness Training: Our trainers offer personalized fitness programs designed to meet your unique needs and goals. From weight loss to strength training, we can help you achieve optimal fitness.

Group Classes: Join our group classes, including mobility, Pilates inspired, and all round classes, for a fun and energizing workout experience. Our instructors create a supportive and motivating environment for all fitness levels.

Massage Therapy: Our massage therapists offer a variety of therapeutic massage techniques to help alleviate muscle tension, reduce stress, and promote relaxation.

And more: We also provide services such as acupuncture and shoe insoles to support your overall health and well-being.

Your Health and Well-being

At Fysioterapi & Fitness, we prioritize your health and well-being above all else. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and support necessary to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or looking for ways to optimize your fitness, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Contact and Booking

We encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about our services and to book an appointment. You can easily contact us through the provided contact information on our website. Our friendly staff will assist you in scheduling your desired service at a time that is convenient for you. We cooperates with the healthcare system in Denmark and all health insurances.
Don't wait any longer! Take the first step towards a healthier and fitter you by contacting Fysioterapi & Fitness Østerbro today. We look forward to serving you and helping you achieve your health and fitness goals!